Sunday August 31, 2014
The Silver Ski Rockets fell to another away defeat with a 48-41 reverse at Glasgow, a result that leaves them without a solitary away match point with just two road fixtures to fulfil, and also very much in danger of collecting the League’s wooden spoon position in 2014.

The Rockets had high pre-match hopes of taking something away from Ashfield given the “leveller” of injuries and rider absence for both sides, and guest Alex Edberg and Oliver Greenwood raised that level of optimism when they handed Rye an early lead with a 5-1 in Heat 2.

The visitors extended their advantage to six points, at 24-18, before they were hit by the double whammy of exclusions for both Edberg and fellow guest Benji Compton for separate falls in Heat 8 to gift Glasgow a 5-0 in the re-run.

That result left the Rockets clinging to a 24-23 advantage, but the Tigers immediately followed up with another five point haul from Heat 9 to take the lead. The two sides then traded 4-2s – the Tigers’ heat advantage coming after Jason Garrity had fallen while holding second place in Heat 10 – to leave the Rockets 43-40 adrift entering the final heat and needing a maximum result to snag a last-gasp victory. It was Glasgow, however, who took the decisive 5-1 – with the undefeated Theo Pijper and Rusty Harrison outpacing Jason Garrity and Edward Kennett – to not only clinch the overall win for the Scots but deny Rye a single away match point for their battling efforts.

Team manager John Sampford was clearly unhappy afterwards. “The track was very rough today, and it was all about gating and staying on the bike. Ultimately, the Tigers were more proficient than we were on both counts.

And about the turning point of Heat 8: “From our vantage point, it looked as though Aaron Fox brought down Alex Edberg on the second turn, and also that the red stoppage lights came on before Benji Compton fell. We thought that it was Fox that should have been excluded from the re-run, and that at the very least we should have had one rider in the restaging.

“Just one extra point from that race would have given us a match point, but instead that heat seemed to turn the whole match in terms of momentum.”

Rye House scorers:

Edward Kennett 12 (6 rides), Jason Garrity 10 (6), Steve Boxall 7+2 (5), Oliver Greenwood 5+3 (6), Alex Edberg (guest) 5+2 (4), Benji Compton (guest) 2+1 (3), Anders Mellgren R/R

Glasgow scorers:

Theo Pijper 18 (6 rides, max), Rusty Harrison 16+1 (6), Tero Aarnio 9+1 (5), Aaron Fox (guest) 5+2 (7), Danny Phillips (guest) 0 (3), Luke Chessell (guest) 0 (3), Kevin Wölbert R/R

Match Points: Glasgow 3 Rye House 0