Sunday July 27, 2014
The new-look Silver Ski Rockets are still looking for their first away point of their Premier League programme after holding their hosts fairly tightly in the first half their latest fixture at Newcastle but ultimately slipping away to a 54-38 defeat.

Early wins by Edward Kennett – who bounced back from a heavy first bend tumble to take a re-run opening race – and Jason Bunyan in Heat 4 helped keep Rye in contention at 24-18 before the Diamonds took total control with three successive 5-1s.

Kennett’s second victory of the night – this time worth six points as a Tactical ride in Heat 11 - cut the slack to 42-27, but any lingering hopes of rescuing a match point were quickly snuffed out when both visiting riders suffered falls in separate incidents in the very next race. New addition Oliver Greenwood was the first to go after picking up extra drive on the second lap, while Steve Boxall looped at the start of the re-run to present Stuart Robson and Chris Mills with an uncontested 5-0.

The Rockets regained some pride courtesy of a 5-1 from Jasons Garrity and Bunyan in Heat 14 after Lewis Kerr had been excluded after a fall – Kerr was subsequently taken to hospital with a hand injury – and Garrity headed home the field again in the final race, with the returning Anders Mellgren holding third place until passed by Lewis Rose on the third lap.

While Kennett (13) and Garrity (9) carried much of the Rockets’ points scoring load, team manager John Sampford also saw good things from his two new additions in Mellgren and Greenwood. “Anders was tentative at the start but is already feeling his way back, while Oliver got a good third place in Heat 1 but missed out on extra points in his next one. He came in after his opening race with what we thought was a burned out clutch, and we quickly transferred the clutch from his other bike, but it turned out that it wasn’t just the clutch that was the problem as the big nut on his clutch basket had also come loose. That definitely cost him points in Heat 2 and the chance to really boost himself for the rest of the night.”

As an additional footnote: “Edward damaged his shoulder with a heavy fall in Heat 1, and soldiered on. I rested him in Heat 15 because there wasn’t anything on the race, and he should be OK in a few days.”

Rye House scorers:

Edward Kennett 13 (4 rides, inc 6 as a TR), Jason Garrity 9 (5), Jason Bunyan 6+1 (5), Anders Mellgren 5+1 (5 rides, inc 1 as a TR), Steve Boxall 4+1 (5), Oliver Greenwood 1 96), Luke Bowen R/R

Newcastle scorers:

Chris Mills 11+2 (5 rides), Lewis Rose 10+1 (5), Stuart Robson 9+1 (4), Aaron Summers (guest) 8+1 (4), Lewis Kerr 7 (4), Ludvig Lindgren 5 (4), Simon Nielsen 4+2 (4)

Match Points: Newcastle 3 Rye House 0