Saturday June 21, 2014
The Silver Ski Rockets ended a run of four consecutive Premier League defeats with a much needed 49-41 success over Glasgow when the two teams met for a second Saturday in succession at Rye House.

The longest day of the year briefly threatened to also become the longest night, as a puncture to one of the ambulance’s tyres led to the start of the match being delayed by twenty minutes while a replacement vehicle was called out, but once it did start the action came thick and fast between the two sides.

Elite League reserve guest Michael Palm Toft startled home supporters when he outpaced Edward Kennett in the opening race en route to a paid 15 haul, and ex-Rye man Kasper Lykke did his best to haunt his former team with paid 11, as the Tigers remained in contention throughout.

Ultimately, though, with Kennett (who was otherwise unbeaten, on 14) and Jason Garrity (12) bolstering the top end of the side, and Jason Bunyan (10) anchoring the bottom, the Rockets had the solid foundation they needed to recover from an early 13-11 deficit to clinch all three match points.

The first key race was Heat 7, which saw Rusty Harrison fall on the second lap after passing Steve Boxall for second spot and trying a similar manoeuvre on leader Bunyan. The Rye House pair was left to ride virtually unopposed to the 5-1 over remaining opponent Anders Thomsen that gave them a 24-18 cushion.

The second critical moment came in Heat 13. The Tigers had just hit back with a 5-1 to creep to within 2 points at 37-35, but the Rye House pairing of Kennett and Boxall clearly had precision planning to their game plan when they came up against Kevin Wölbert and Theo Pijper. Kennett took the opposing field wide on the first bend, allowing Boxall to cut back on the inside to join him for the maximum result that pushed the home side 6 points clear again.

Garrity and Bunyan duly made it an 8 point spread when finishing either side of Lykke – and with Palm Toft at the back – in Heat 14 to cinch the overall victory, before Kennett wrapped up the third match point by heading home Thomsen and Lykke in the finale. Garrity suffered his only defeat of the night in that last race, but his four earlier successes had proven invaluable.

Rye House scorers:

Edward Kennett 14 (5 rides), Jason Garrity 12 (5), Jason Bunyan 10 (5), Steve Boxall 6+2 (4), Mathieu Tresarrieu 4+1 (4), Luke Bowen 3+1 (4), Ben Morley 0 (3)

Glasgow scorers:

Michael Palm Toft (guest) 13+2 (7 rides), Kasper Lykke 10+1 (6), Anders Thomsen 10 (6), Theo Pijper 6+2 (5), Kevin Wölbert 2 (3), Rusty Harrison 0 (3), Christian Henry R/R

Match Points: Rye House 3 Glasgow 0

The Rye House Raiders maintained their rich run of form in the Midland Development League fixture that followed Saturday’s main event, beating Buxton 27-9, with both Danny Ayres and Jason Garrad unbeaten. The victory was the Raiders’ sixth competitive success in a row, and also their highest score of the season.

Rye House scorers:

Danny Ayres 11+1 (max, 4 rides), Jason Garrad 11+1 (max, 4 rides), Rob Watts 5+1 (4)

Buxton scorers:

Scooter Webster 6 (3), Tom Bacon 2 (3), Lawrence Fielding 1 (3), Ben Hewitt 0 (3)

Rye House v Glasgow (PL)
Rye House v Buxton (MDL)