Saturday May 31, 2014
A run of machinery problems for leading light Steve Boxall and an unexpected stoppage for hot reserve Jason Garrity proved decisive, as the Silver Ski Rockets fell to their first home League defeat of the season in a narrow 44-46 reverse against East Anglian arch-rivals Ipswich.

Boxall suffered a string of clutch issues which left him on the wrong end of two pointless rides and an additional time exclusion, while Garrity’s gremlins struck only once – but in a big way - as his engine blew on the last lap of Heat 12 while he was comfortably leading and handed the Witches an unexpected 5-1.

Rye House team manager John Sampford did not disagree with this focus of attention for the match’s outcome. “Yes, it all came down to the blow-up and the relentless bike problems for Steve. For a start, if we had claimed a 3-3 in Heat 12 instead of suddenly conceding a 5-1, we would have won by two points instead of losing by the same margin.

“Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do about that. We always knew that it was going to be a hard match, and in a tight meeting these little things can make all the difference.”

Garrity, meanwhile, was left to count the cost of his second expensive encounter of the week, recalling afterwards that “I also smashed a bike on Thursday (at King’s Lynn), and it was a complete write-off. That one was a big one too. You’ve just got to keep going.”

And going he otherwise did, romping to another monster haul of paid 15 in his last fixture before he returns to the main body of the team as the new averages take effect. He will be trading places at reserve with Jason Bunyan, whose own resurgence continued with a 7+1 haul.

It was also another strong match for Edward Kennett who headed home the rest of the field in four of his five outings and also featured in the clear race of the night when fending off Cameron Heeps over four classic laps in Heat 10. The Rye House No.1 suffered his only blip in a Heat 13 that was re-run after the early race leader came together with Richie Worrall entering the second bend and his adversary concertinaed into Mathieu Tresarrieu. The Frenchman went down, initiating a re-run with all four riders, and it was Ipswich who took a 4-2 second time around, with Kennett left at the back.

For their part, the Witches certainly worked hard as a compact unit, with Ritchie Hawkins returning to haunt his former club with a 9+3 haul that saw him unbeaten after a first race exclusion for bringing both Ben Morley and himself down. Elsewhere, Morten Risager (9+1) proved another real anchoring point for their side, while Richie Worrall, the exciting Gino Manzares and Rohan Tungate all weighed in with important race wins.

The visitors also unfortunately lost Adam Ellis after an alarming fall at the rear of the field in Heat 9. The British U-21 silver winner was able to limp back to the pits with some assistance, and was then withdrawn from the meeting with a knee injury.

Rye House scorers:

Jason Garrity 12+3 (7 rides), Edward Kennett 12 (5), Jason Bunyan 7+1 (4), Luke Bowen 4+1 (4), Matt Tresarrieu 4+1 (4), Ben Morley 3 (3), Steve Boxall 2 (4)

Ipswich scorers:

Ritchie Hawkins 9+3 (5 rides), Morten Risager 9+1 (5), Richie Worrall 8+1 (5), Gino Manzares 8 (4), Rohan Tungate 8 (4), Cameron Heeps 3+1 (4), Adam Ellis 1 (3)

Match Points: Rye House 0 Ipswich 3

Rye House v Ipswich (PL)