Friday April 25, 2014
The Silver Ski Rockets fell to a heavy 62-28 defeat in the final away match of their League Cup group against a powerful Somerset that was solid throughout.

Edward Kennett, Steve Boxall and Mathieu Tresarrieu each bagged race wins, and ultimately prevented any home rider going through the card, but there was not too much else for the Rockets to cheer about. The Rebels racked up no less than six 5-1s and five 4-2s to provide their winning margin, although they had to come from the back on a number of occasions in order to pass the 60 mark.

Cases in point: a Heat 3 that saw Jason Garrity power around the outside to lead, only to be re-passed by Brady Kurtz and former Rocket Pontus Aspgren, and a Heat 7 that had Charles Wright rounding both Garrity and Jason Bunyan in a single drive around the third and fourth bends to join ex-Rye man Ollie Allen on a 5-1.

The Rockets will be looking to quickly re-group ahead of tomorrow's (Saturday's) Premier League opener at Hoddesdon against 2012 champions Scunthorpe, with Pontus Aspgren once again providing opposition in a guest role for the Scorpions.

Rye House scorers:

Edward Kennett 7 (4 rides, inc 0 as a TR), Steve Boxall 7 (5), Mathieu Tresarrieu 6+1(5), Luke Bowen 5 (5), Jason Garrity 3(4 rides, inc 1 as a TR), Simon Lambert 0 (4), Jason Bunyan 0 (3)

Somerset scorers: Brady Kurtz 13+1 (5 rides), Olly Allen 11 (4), Pontus Aspgren 10+2 (5), Josh Grajczonek 10 (4), Charles Wright 8+2 (4), Todd Kurtz 5+3 (4), Paul Starke 5+1 (4)

Match points: Somerset 3 Rye House 0