Monday April 30, 2018
The “BP Mitchell” Rockets suffered a combination of disappointment and frustration at Leicester, as they fell to the Lions 53-37 in SGB Premiership action on Monday night.

While there were certain positives to take away from the encounter - not least very healthy scores from Scott Nicholls (12+1) and 2016 Lion Aaron Summers (9), as well as a brief early lead following a 5-1 from Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Max Clegg in Heat 2 – the match will also will be remembered for all the wrong reasons by Chris Harris, who fell when prominently placed in one race and failed to score in his three others.

As Rye House Team Manager Peter Schroeck admitted afterwards, “Bomber had a complete nightmare of a match, but not for want of trying. He was making changes throughout, but nothing was happening for him. He needs to re-group and get back on it, and fortunately, next Monday (when the Rockets are at home to Somerset) is another day.

“It was a tough night for us in the end after we began so well. I thought that we deserved to get something out of the meeting, and I was disappointed overall that we didn’t pick up a match point.

“Scott had a brilliant night, and so too Aaron, who deserved his spot in Heat 15. Nikolaj did his job again, although having to operate Rider-Replacement on the road – with a couple of two-on-the-trots – didn’t make life easy for him. And there were positive things from young Max, who pulled off a 5-1 with Nikolaj in his first heat and was on the pace in his other two.

“We’re back at home next Monday, and that is an important opportunity to turn things around and get back into the rhythm we want and need. The latest word on Eddie (Kennett) is that he is very much aiming to be back for that one. He is now going for an MRI scan tomorrow, but the swelling has already gone down, he is feeling a lot, lot better after total rest… and he still has a full week to go until that match.

“So we are definitely expecting to welcome Eddie back. With Nikolaj (returning again as guest cover for the side-lined Stuart Robson) still with us as well, we’ll be strong again, and definitely psyched up for the Rebels.”

“BP Mitchell” Rockets:
Scott Nicholls 12+1, Aaron Summers 9, Krzysztof Kasprzak 8, Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen (guest) 6+1, Max Clegg 2, Chris Harris 0, Edward Kennett R/R.

Kenneth Bjerre 12+1, Krystian Pieszczek 11+1, Hans Andersen 9, Danny King 8+1, Todd Kurtz 5+2, James Sarjeant 5+1, Kyle Newman 3+2.

Match Points: Leicester 3 Rye House 0.