Monday October 23, 2017
BMR Rocket Scott Nicholls has lifted the Rye House Rider of the Year award for 2017.

The 7-time national champion received the accolade at a dinner for staff and sponsors that was held at Paradise Wildlife Park – also the home of the National Speedway Museum – in nearby Broxbourne.

The popular club captain admitted that he had given some consideration to retiring from the sport after a difficult 2016 at Belle Vue, but had found the Rockets’ New Adventure in the SGB Premiership a refreshing and markedly different experience.

“I’m very proud to win this award. I’ve really enjoyed this season, and hopefully I will be part of Rye House for the next few years to come.

“But, really, this award isn’t about me. It’s for the whole team, who made 2017 happen for this club.”