Thursday August 10, 2017
The BMR Rockets surged back into Play-Off contention as they pulverised Poole 60-30 on the road on Wednesday night.

The result brought the Rockets to within six points of the fourth placed Pirates in the SGB Premiership – with three matches in hand of their Dorset rivals – in the chase for the final qualification spot…. and that gap could be down to as low as two should the Rockets get the right result at bottom club Leicester on Saturday.

It proved a near-record breaking display from the Hertfordshire side, who amassed the second highest ever away win in the club’s history, tucking in behind a 65-27 landslide at Mildenhall in the 2008 Premier League. Talking of statistics, Rye racked up no less than twelve race victories in the process, no less than six of them by a 5-1 margin, as they inflicted the Pirates’ fifth straight home defeat.

They were in front from the very first bend of the night, as Ben Barker and Chris Harris led home Brady Kurtz and Jack Holder in the opener, and effectively had the match sealed as quickly as Heat 5 at which point their advantage had ascended to 21-9. With the Rockets offering no mercy, the score had reached 43-17 by Heat 10, and although they allowed Poole a solitary heat advantage in the next stanza’s home 5-1, balanced that out with consecutive 4-2s before rounding off the night with one final 5-1 from Harris and Scott Nicholls in Heat 15.

“Bomber” finished top of the Rockets’ pile, dropping only one race in a paid 13 romp, and the same was true of both Barker and the resurgent Ricky Wells, who were each unbeaten in three of their four outings.

One rider, however, did go through the card – and that was Krzysztof Kasprzak, who returned to haunt his previous club with a paid 12 maximum, also convincingly defeating the man who deposed him at Wimborne Road, Edward Kennett, in their lone head-to-head in Heat 9… a result which also helped excorcised the ghost of Kennett’s own return to Rye as a guest for Swindon on Saturday.

It was a stunning performance from the 2014 World No.2, and also raised the obvious question: when was the last time a rider debuted for the Rockets with a maximum? Answers on a postcard, please.

Kasprzak was a hero in a team of heroes, however, as Team Manager Peter Schroeck confirmed afterwards. “The boys were absolutely brilliant, every single one of them.

“Krzystof was all smiles afterwards, and the rest of the boys know they’ve now got an added “oomph” with him in the side. But they all chipped in, and little Ben’s (Morley) paid 5, for example, were just as important as the points at the top-end.

“Everything clicked tonight. We were just so powerful out of the gate, and we offered them (Poole) no let-up throughout.

“A big thank-you to the Rockets supporters who travelled down tonight – it was good to see a fair number of them here – and we were delighted to give them a Rye House-style victory parade (by walking the track) afterwards.

“Tonight was a real eight-pointer, and an absolute must-win for us. We simply couldn’t afford to let Poole get any further ahead of us in the table - but the dream is now well and truly alive again. We all believe that we’ve got what it takes to finish in the top four.

“Now it’s on to Leicester (on Saturday). As always, we will take nothing for granted, because we know that any team in this league can turn it on on the day, but we will be going there full of confidence. We won there in May, and we are stronger now than we were then. So, the aim is simple: to do it again, to get right up there in the mix for the Play-Offs.”

BMR Rockets:
Chris Harris 12+1, Krzysztof Kasprzak 11+1, Ricky Wells 10, Scott Nicholls 9+1, Ben Barker 8+1, Stuart Robson 7+2, Ben Morley 3+2

Hans Andersen 8+1, Paul Starke 6+1, Brady Kurtz 5, Timo Lahti 3, Edward Kennett 3, James Shane 3, Jack Holder 2

Premiership points: Poole 0 Rye House 4