Thursday June 15, 2017
The BMR Rockets slipped to their second SGB Premiership defeat in as many days, yet came surprisingly close to nabbing a late unexpected match point as they went down 50-42 at Swindon.

The Rockets were always left to play catch-up once Nick Morris and Bradley Wilson Dean headed home Stuart Robson and Edward Kennett in the opening race and leader Ellis Perks fell when passed by Zach Wajtnecht in Heat 2 to convert a potential Rye 4-2 into a Swindon one that left the visitors trailing 9-3.

While guest Troy Batchelor steadied the ship with Rye’s first race victory in Heat 3, successive home 5-1s in Heats 5 and 6 took the score up to 26-10.

A four point Tactical ride from Batchelor, followed by wins from Robson and Scott Nicholls steered the match back to 34-22, however, and hopes of a consolation match point were truly awakened when Kennett produced a wonderful drive past Morris for victory in Heat 11 and Batchelor and Perks maxed out in the next race to narrow the gap to 41-33.

A 5-1 by Morris and Jason Doyle over Nicholls and Kennett realistically ended those prospects and completed the Aussie’s paid maximum. While Doyle sat out the nominated race, a 5-1 from Batchelor and Nicholls against the hard-chasing Morris in that finale provided both consolation for the Rockets and a tantalising glimpse of what could conceivably have been as they ultimately missed out on an unlikely match point by a narrow two point margin.

Rye House Team Manager Peter Schroeck admitted afterwards that “To be honest, we found it really hard early on; we just couldn’t match Swindon out of the gate. But the boys redeemed themselves as the meeting wore on, and they all found something in the end.

“Now we just need to get back to doing what we do best, pick ourselves up and get going again. We all know what we need to do, and it’s down to us.”

BMR Rockets:
Troy Batchelor (guest) 14+1 (including 4 as a TR), Scott Nicholls 9+1, Ricky Wells 5+1, Stuart Robson 5, Ellis Perks 4+2, Edward Kennett 3, Rob Branford 2

Nick Morris 12, Jason Doyle 10+2, David Bellego 7+3, Bradley Wilson-Dean 7+1, Adam Ellis 7, Zach Wajtknecht 5, James Sarjeant (guest) 2+1

Match Points: Swindon 3 Rye House 0