Thursday October 20, 2016
Rye House have been forced to abandon plans to stage a final home meeting in the 2016 season.

The club had been keen to bring the curtain down on the first campaign of the New Attitude Era with one extra fixture at its Hoddesdon circuit, but that has not proved possible. As Co-Promoter Steve Jenson explains, “We had originally hoped to sign off with the home leg of the Knock-Out Cup Final, but that was obviously not to be. We then turned our attention to an individual or pairs finale, but rider availability in terms of suitable invites is a real problem at this time of year as everyone goes into hibernation for the winter. We wanted to provide an attractive field rather than just put on a meeting for the sake of it, but the star names we wanted to include were not available.

“Additionally we have re-commenced work to complete the stadium initiatives already started, including the new motorcycle dealership on the fourth bend, and will also be investing in a number of new ones. These will all impact on crowd access areas and safety, and are another reason to call a halt now.

“It is not ideal to draw a sudden line on our home racing without the chance to say goodbye for the year, but we’d like to use this opportunity to say a big thank-you to all our supporters for your attendance throughout the season. The year has seen some major steps forward in terms of our crowd levels – there are not many clubs who can make that claim – and we very much appreciate both your support and the atmosphere that has resonated in the stands and on the terraces.

“Both our sides, the BMR Rockets and Raiders, have given 110% to a man - and also worked together as a Team, which is what it is all about here at Rye House. So it’s a big thank-you to every one of them, and to Peter Schroeck who has galvanised our two squads in his first season of team management.

“We’d also like to thank all our sponsors, and our hard working track and stadium staff. Without them, none of this would be possible.

“That includes Peter Jordison, our Clerk of the Course John Smith, John Strong, Steve Webb, and a host of others. They are all unsung heroes.

“There is still the little matter of announcing the Mr Rocket and Mr Raider rider of the year award winners, which we will do in the near future. So the season isn’t quite over just yet!

“We would also like to emphasise that although we have reached the conclusion of this season’s home racing, it is really only the end of the beginning. In addition to the continuation of our stadium enhancement programme, we are also well underway with our planning for the 2017 season on the track.

“The BSPA Annual Conference is just around the corner, both calendar-wise and geographically at nearby Paradise Park – the home of the National Speedway Museum and the annual Celebration of Speedway – on November 1st through 3rd.

“We are looking forward to making our first announcements on what we believe will be an exciting 2017 campaign once the regulations and structures for next season have been finalised at the Conference.”